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DIY Facial Cleanser – Health Video Pick of the Week

DIY Facial Cleanser – Health Video Pick of the Week

If you’ve ever looked at the ingredients in your daily facial cleanser you were probably confused by what was actually there. Ingredients like cyclotetrasiloxane or parfum don’t sound obviously harmful, when in fact, they can be; and you might be lathering them on every single day. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid these harmful ingredients by simply knowing what to look for, or making your own beauty products.

Joyous Health has an awesome video on how to make your own facial cleanser using sunflower oil, rose water, vegetable glycerin, and aloe juice. If you’re not interested in making your own beauty products, Joyous Health also has a list of 12 of the most harmful additives in personal care products so you can know to avoid these ingredients in the products you buy. Enjoy!

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