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Eco-Friendly Brands I Love

Eco-Friendly Brands I Love


These are my all-time favorite sustainable clothing brands; all of which I own multiple pieces from and absolutely adore. I’ll add more to this list as I discover new brands I love, so keep checking back!


This is one of my favorite eco-friendly brands because the clothes fit so well, are so flattering, and not only are the clothes designed to be unique but they are made from eco-friendly fabrics like hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, and soy. I own three pieces from Nomads Hemp Wear; a tunic, button-up shrug (shown in the photo), and jacket; and I wear them whenever I can. I really love that many of their tunics and jackets are long, so for someone tall like me they fit perfectly. For the quality and unique design of each piece they are well priced too. The clothes are fair-trade, made ethically in China.


Every so often Synergy will have a mystery sale where you can grab one ‘mystery’ item for $20 or three items for $50. The items come in your size, you just don’t get to pick the item; fortunately, everything I’ve ever seen from Synergy is gorgeous, so when my three mystery items arrived in the mail I was pretty happy with my purchase. I received three dresses, all different colours, styles, and lengths, that were made from beautiful, GOTS certified, organic cotton and look wonderful on.


I love Tentree because of their use of organic cotton and their dedication to improving the environment. For each item purchased they plant ten trees somewhere in the world that is in desperate need of reforestation. Their clothes are made from recycled polyester, organic cotton, and other eco-friendly materials. The clothes themselves are simple, but combined with unique colours and adventure-driven prints the five Tentree tops I own have become well-worn pieces of clothing that have yet to lose shape or colour; and the shape of the clothing would be flattering to a variety of body types.


This is actually one of my favorite brands for GOTS certified, organic cotton kid’s clothing, although they have a great selection of basic, well-made clothing for men and women too. I have 4 onesies for my daughter with fantastic prints that have yet to fade despite many, many scrubs and washes. While they are temporarily unable to ship internationally (outside of the US) at the moment, I have a full list of Pact products I want to buy; and fortunately, some of their products are available on Amazon. They are also fair-trade certified!

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