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My Go-To Books & Sites For Everything Nutrition Related

Prescription for Dietary Wellness

Prescription for Dietary Wellness by Phyllis A. Balch CNC is a thorough guide to nutrition and, and is the best nutritional reference guide you could ask for. If you want a good, basic grasp on nutrition without having to do a ton of reading, this is the book. It talks about how to improve your immune health, what nutrients you need to consume for various ailments, food combining, nutrition for the various stages of life from infancy to old age, a ton of recipes, and has a great section on the nutrition & lifestyle laws for eternal youth.

Staying Healthy with Nutrition

Staying Healthy with Nutrition by Elson Haas is the ultimate guide to nutrition. It’s 928 pages packed with extremely detailed information on everything in the nutrition realm from the quality of the water we drink to the individual amino acids needed in a diet to meal planning for each stage of life; and so much more. This is the best reference guide you will ever need and the best place to start a journey in nutrition.

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“That the human system can withstand the abuse it does has to be one of the miracles of life. In fact, treating the digestive system like a garburator may be harmful to your health.”

-Eating Alive

Eating Alive 

Eating Alive by Jonn Matsen is one of those books that you pick up, read only the first few pages, and already your life has changed. The information in this book is well organized, easy to understand, and will change how you think about food forever. Eating Alive focuses on analyzing common ailments that stem from poor digestion and teaching you how to fix them by repairing your entire digestive system. This book has been around forever (As in 1987), and it’s easy to see why it’s been so popular. It’s a great read with fun illustrations on every page and should be mandatory for everyone before they’re allowed to step into a grocery store.

Allergies: Disease In Disguise

Allergies: Disease In Disguise is probably one of the most eye opening nutrition books I’ve read. This book delves into the reasons behind our allergic reactions, their relation to raw food and enzymes, our environment, and chemicals, and that any symptom or condition in the body can be an allergy. This book changed not only what I ate, but how I ate as well.

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“One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive and three quarters of what you eat keeps your doctor alive.”


Nutrition Facts is an outstanding non-commercial, science-based source for scientifically tested nutritional studies, all broken down and given context from Dr. Michael Gregor, author of How Not To Die. There are over a thousand videos on nearly every aspect of healthy eating, and new videos and articles are uploaded every day.

Food Matters TV

Food Matters TV is one of the best websites out there for awesome recipes, education, wellness guides, nutritional motivation, and a huge collection of the greatest health and wellness videos you’ll ever find. Many of the films require a membership to watch (10 day free trial), but the monthly fee is well worth it for what you’ll learn. The Food Matters film talks about the dangers of fast food, pharmaceutical drugs, and how people are getting sick because they’re eating the wrong things. To summarize, I love this website and I hope you do too!