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Is Shakeology Healthy?

Is Shakeology Healthy?

Is Shakeology Healthy? Maybe Not For Your Wallet Before we begin, you should know I am NOT affiliated with Shakeology or BeachBody in any way. I have also never tried Shakeology. I see a...

The Perfect Vegan Smoothie

Are you the kind of person who enjoys smoothies because their delicious sweetness makes your taste buds do a happy dance? Or maybe you don’t care what your smoothie tastes like as long as...

Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

The short answer is yes. Want more of an answer? Excessive amounts of protein, via animal products, plants, or supplementation, can be harmful to your body, causing damage to your kidneys and liver. Now...
How to make an amazing smoothie

How To Make A Smoothie (An Amazing Smoothie)

Want to learn how to make a smoothie? How about an amazing smoothie? Well, to begin, a smoothie should be three things. Healthy, simple, and not taste like melted gym socks. A Smoothie Should...