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The Many Reasons Why Garlic Is Great

If ‘Superfoods’ Exist, Garlic Might Be Their King. It is considered one of the most powerful natural remedies ever. While I doubt it repels vampires, it certainly repels all sorts of nasty bacteria. It...

Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

The short answer is yes. Want more of an answer? Excessive amounts of protein, via animal products, plants, or supplementation, can be harmful to your body, causing damage to your kidneys and liver. Now...
Eating soy

Is Soy Bad For You? Or Is It The Best?

There is a lot of controversy around soy, and some of it is pretty extreme. Many people wonder, ‘is soy bad or is it good?’ I’ve been searching through some amazing nutritional sources and...

Nutrition Tips For Cancer Prevention

Feel like seeing a¬†ridiculously depressing statistic today? How about this one: That’s 40% of Canadians. 40% will get cancer. How is that even possible?