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Enjoy chocolate? Of course you do, you’re human

The Divine Chocolate bars came highly recommended by the staff my local health food store, so I decided to try one of each of the flavors I could get there.

They’re Fair Trade certified, but unfortunately not organic. Fortunately, they’re still better for you than the standard check-out line chocolate bars, and they’re pretty tasty. My husband Mike and I decided to try them back to back to compare, and we’ve ranked each on a scale from 1-10 (1 being bleh; 10 being amaaaaaazing)

Divine-White-ChocolateWhite Chocolate with Strawberries

Calories per 10 pieces: 220

Sarah: 6/10

“Tastes like those strawberry-marshmallow candies I had when I was little. The chocolate is very smooth with a bit of a crunch in the strawberries. This one is bit sweeter than I was expecting, and I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate; it tastes sorta artificial”.

Mike: 9.5/10 *MIKE’S FAVORITE*

“Strawberries lovers will love it, and white chocolate lovers will love it. This chocolate bar brings out a nice combination of the two. I love white chocolate, and I like this one a lot”.


70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries

Calories per 10 pieces: 250

Sarah: 7/10

“This one is pretty enjoyable as a dark chocolate, for someone who doesn’t really enjoy dark chocolate… like me. The raspberries are a nice addition to add some sweetness to the otherwise very dark chocolate taste.”

Mike: 8.5/10

“The raspberries are very prominent; it doesn’t really taste like a dark chocolate bar until the aftertaste. It’s more enjoyable than the pure dark one. I like the blend of the tartness of the raspberries with the bitterness of the dark chocolate. It makes the chocolate better and the raspberries better. Definitely has a dark chocolate aftertaste – the raspberries don’t stick around”.


70% Dark Chocolate

Calories per 10 pieces: 250

Sarah: 5/10

“This one tastes very similar to other brands of dark chocolate; so there’s nothing new here, but if you like dark chocolate this will satisfy your craving. Some dark chocolate can be bitter, but this one is a tiny bit sweeter than some pure dark chocolate can be.”

Mike: 6/10

“This has a very dark bakers chocolate sort of taste. It remindeds me of hot chocolate”.


Milk Chocolate

Calories per 10 pieces: 230

Sarah: 9/10 *SARAH’S FAVORITE*

“The milk chocolate is very smooth; a nice milk chocolate taste. It’s really sweet and richer than I was expecting. Pretty tasty”.

Mike: 9/10

“After the dark chocolate, this is milder. It doesn’t have the sharpness of the dark, but it’s not overly sweet. Has a very rich flavor; exactly what you would expect from a higher-end chocolate. It lacks the bitterness of the dark chocolate bars. Nice overall”.


70% Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Orange

Calories per 10 pieces: 240

Sarah: 6/10

“It’s harder to chew than the others. It has a sticky chew that gets stuck in your teeth. It’s a very different taste than I was expecting and somehow reminds me of Christmas. This is the most unique one we’ve tried”.

Mike: 7/10

“It has a nice aroma and the taste is closer to dark chocolate; as in you can taste the dark more than in the raspberry chocolate bar. The orange and ginger pieces are a bit chewy, so the texture is not as nice, but it smells nice”.


70% Dark Chocolate with Mint

Calories per 10 pieces: 250

Sarah: 7.5/10

“This one is very minty. It’s got tiny pieces of hard mint so it’s a little crunchy, but not too much texture like the ginger & orange one. Sometimes this one tastes a little toothpasty, but like a yummy toothpaste.”

Mike: 8.25/10

“The mint one is enjoyable. It has a much more fresh taste to it, like the raspberries but a bit more. It’s a nice dark chocolate”.

Overall, the milk chocolate bar is the clear winner here, but if you enjoy dark chocolate then the mint chocolate or the raspberry are ones you should try.

If you’ve tried any other of the flavors Divine offers let us know what you thought of them in the comments!


Sarah Soper

Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for healthy food, sustainability, fitness, and non-toxic living.

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