Green & Blacks Chocolate

Sweet, rich, delicious chocolate; perfect for a night in watching Star Wars! If you’re wondering which flavor you should try, use this as a handy guide to decide.

We managed to get our hands on 12 different flavors of Green & Blacks chocolate bars in dark, milk, and white chocolate, and the reviews are pretty mixed. My husband Mike and I review each, so enjoy!

Organic Milk Chocolate with Chopped Roasted Almonds

Calories per 12 squares: 230

Sarah: 8/10

“For this one I was expecting more of the rich taste that you get in the pure milk chocolate one, but the large almonds chunks are really in your face. I don’t usually enjoy nuts in my chocolate; I prefer flavored chocolate (like hazelnut flavor), but not chunks. That being said, this is still pretty tasty. It’s like riding in a luxurious limo on a road that has the occasional pothole”.

Mike: 8/10

“Reminds me of those chocolates I would sell door to door in elementary school. Nice soft chocolate; the nuts are chopped and fairly fine, so it’s a good mix of nuts and chocolate. Not too nutty. The flavor is similar to the pure milk chocolate. A satisfying crunch”.


Organic Dark Chocolate with Crystallized Ginger Pieces

Calories per 12 squares: 200

Sarah: 3/10

“Umm… no. The ginger really competes with the dark chocolate flavor. First you taste the dark chocolate, then suddenly a wave of ginger hits you… and unless you really like ginger, it isn’t pleasant. I wouldn’t get this one again; I don’t really like ginger unless it’s fresh and juiced”.

Mike: 6.5/10

“Strong ginger taste; reminds me of crystallized ginger candies, and also the pickled ginger you get with sushi. The combination is fine, but I don’t think it’s for everybody. You need to be a big fan of ginger to like this one”.


Organic Dark Chocolate Flavored with Orange and Spices

Calories per 12 squares: 220

Sarah: 5/10

“I like this one a little more than the ginger, but not by much. The orange/dark chocolate is nice, but the spices are overpowering”.

Mike: 6/10

“It seems to be going for a Christmas orange taste, but definitely has a strong aftertaste of a combination of spices (possibly nutmeg?), which overpowers the orange flavor. If you like some Christmas cakes, you might like this one”.


Organic Dark Chocolate with Peppermint Oil

Calories per 12 squares: 220

Sarah: 8/10

“This one is a nice mint chocolate mix. It has the mint flavor in the chocolate, rather than their older version of the mint/dark chocolate which had a mint filling (which was messier, but nice too)”.

Mike: 8.25/10

“Reminds me of a dark version of an After Eight chocolate. Not too sweet, and a nice blend of the chocolate that makes it feel refreshing, and it very tasty”.


Organic Dark Chocolate with 70% Cocoa

Calories per 12 squares: 230

Sarah: 7/10

“This one has a pretty classic dark chocolate taste without being too bitter. Very rich; it’s just enough dark without going overboard”.

Mike: 6.5/10

“What I expect in a dark chocolate, but a bit bitter in the aftertaste. Might be better when paired with something, but it is strong on its own”.


Organic Dark Chocolate with 85% Cocoa

Calories per 12 squares: 240

Sarah: 5/10

“This is very dark; almost too much so. This one is more of a chore to eat rather than a treat (Which defeats the purpose of chocolate for me). Then again, I don’t really like dark chocolate; I really prefer the ‘lighter’ dark chocolate taste”.

Mike: 5.5/10

“Very strong, very dark. On its own, it is a bit like bakers chocolate, but has a nice flavor and probably would be great to melt down and dip some strawberries in”.


Organic Milk Chocolate with delicate flakes of Anglesey Sea Salt

Calories per 12 squares: 230

Sarah: 8.5/10

“This one is wonderful, smooth and rich… and them BAM! Sea salt! Why salt, why? Why did you ruin my chocolaty experience?”

Mike: 8.5/10

“Very nice first piece, but the more you eat the more you are aware of the salt. It’s good for those that can eat a piece or two a day, but slowly becomes overpowering as you go further down the bar”.


Organic Dark Chocolate with Crunchy Yorkshire toffee pieces

Calories per 12 squares: 220

Sarah: 7.5/10

“This one is only 60% cocoa so it isn’t too dark, and the taste is pretty nice with the toffee. It feels like it should be a more ‘toffee coated in chocolate’ experience, rather than a ‘various bits of toffee randomly placed’ one; but it’s still very rich and tasty for a dark chocolate”.

Mike: 8/10

“Nice combination of crunchy toffee with the dark chocolate. I would have liked a bit more of the toffee flavor (or toffee in general) to balance out the darkness of the chocolate, but overall a nice combination”.


Organic Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch Pieces

Calories per 12 squares: 220

Sarah: 9/10

“This one is tasty; the butterscotch is very minimal, almost not there at all, so you’re mostly just getting the milk chocolate taste, which is awesome; then comes the smallest hint of a butterscotch crunch”.

Mike: 9.25/10

“This is one of my favorites, it is similar to the milk chocolate but the butterscotch makes the overall experience sweeter and tastier. I find it a good balance of butterscotch and chocolate, but you might have to eat more than a piece to get the right ratio”.


Organic White Chocolate with Madagascan Vanilla

Calories per 12 squares: 230

Sarah: 6/10

“I’m not a fan of white chocolate, it tastes too artificial; but this one isn’t too bad. The vanilla adds a really nice flavor that blends well with the sweetness of the white. Overall, it’s still a bit odd of a taste for me, but if you like white chocolate this one should do nicely to appease a craving”.

Mike: 9.5/10  *MIKE’S FAVORITE*

“Smooth and not too rich; the white chocolate rivals the Butterscotch as my favorite Green & Blacks confection. Give this a try if you are unsure about white chocolate, as it is one of the better white chocolate bars out there”.


Organic Milk Chocolate with 37% Cocoa

Calories per 12 squares: 230


“Yesssssss. This is the pinnacle of milk-chocolaty perfection. A creamy, chocolaty concoction of simple, pure awesomeness.  This one is difficult to put down. I will fight you for it. Yum!”

Mike: 9/10

“Very nice, great taste and Sarah’s favorite. A great milk chocolate, I prefer combination chocolates more, but this is very nice”.


Organic Dark Chocolate with chopped Roasted Hazelnuts and Currants

Calories per 12 squares: 220

Sarah: 5.5/10

“I didn’t taste the hazelnuts in this one; the dark chocolate was tasty but overpowering. The currants are small, but don’t really add much to the experience”.

Mike: 7/10

“Not quite as enjoyable as the Milk Chocolate Almond variety. The dark chocolate and hazelnuts are bit less flavorful, with the bitterness of the dark chocolate a bit too strong to get much of the hazelnut or currant flavor. The currants provide a bit of additional texture and flavor, but it felt like the ratio of sweetness, crunch, and bitterness was leaning a bit too much into dark chocolate land”.

We hope this helps you make your next chocolate bar decision when you’re at the health food store. Green & Blacks has been a favorite of ours for years, and it was nice to try out a broader range of their flavours. Overall, the pure milk chocolate and the butterscotch chocolate were the big winners. Both very tasty!



Sarah Soper

Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for healthy food, sustainability, fitness, and non-toxic living.

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