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foods containing vitamin A

Why Do We Need Vitamin A?

Do we need vitamin A? Maybe it’s just a really good excuse to eat mango. Although, if you enjoy the function of your eyes, appreciate your immune system, and enjoy the use of your...

Why Are GMOs So Scary?

There’s a lot of debate regarding genetically modified foods. Are they as nutritious as non-GMO food? Do they taste the same as the original? Will they be responsible for the onset of the zombie apocalypse? (Am...

How To Live to be 100

My goal is to live to 120 years old. It’s a goal that, if I make, I’ll be pretty impressed with myself. If not… I suppose 119 will do. I just finished reading Healthy...

10 Elements of a Healthy Diet

The primary elements of a healthy diet involve going back to the basics; in other words, eating food how we used to: natural, unprocessed, clean, in-season, and local. I found these fantastic tips in the book...

Top 5 Favorite Nutrition YouTubers

If you’re looking for expert advice on nutrition, these YouTubers have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Top 10 Favorite Vegan YouTubers

Have you ever wanted to go vegan? Have you ever dreamed of making a delicious summery ice cream dessert with frozen bananas, cinnamon and dates? Or maybe you’re just trying to eat healthier and are...

Nutrition Tips For Cancer Prevention

Feel like seeing a ridiculously depressing statistic today? How about this one: That’s 40% of Canadians. 40% will get cancer. How is that even possible?