Top 10 Favorite Vegan YouTubers

Have you ever wanted to go vegan? Have you ever dreamed of making a delicious summery ice cream dessert with frozen bananas, cinnamon and dates? Or maybe you’re just trying to eat healthier and are on the lookout for some new recipes. If so, this should help.

I’m not vegan, not anymore. Back in 2009 I tried it for awhile, and it’s tough. There are some huge sacrifices you need to make in order to follow a strict vegan diet, and it’s not easy to jump right in without doing your research. Luckily, the YouTubers here make the transition a whole lot easier. These are my favorite vegan YouTubers because they keep a nutrition based focus on vegan eating and leading super healthy lives. Even if you’re not vegan, there are some super healthy meals here that are worth checking out; like the vegan rainbow unicorn cupcakes by FullyRawKristina. They look ridiculously amazing!



Topics: Vegan food & lifestyle, food industry, weight-loss
YouTuber since: 2013


Brianna JackFruitson

Topics: Raw vegan food & lifestyle, eating vegan while travelling
YouTuber since: 2012

Health-Numbr-3-01Mantras and Mangos

Topics: Daily vlogs, vegan food diaries, motivation, recipes
YouTuber since: 2014

Health-Numbr-4-01plantbased judy

Topics: Vegan food & recipes 
YouTuber since: 2014


Topics: Vegan food & lifestyle
YouTuber since: 2015

Happy Healthy VeganHealth-Numbr-6-01

Topics: Vegan recipes, food reviews, and lifestyle
YouTuber since: 2013


Topics: Vegan & raw food, lifestyle & travel
YouTuber since: 2011

Health-Numbr-8World of Vegan

Topics: Vegan lifestyle & recipes
YouTuber since: 2009


Topics: Vegan food & physical fitness
YouTuber since: 2014

Health-Numbr-10-01Banana TV

Topics: Vegan food & lifestyle, food industry, weight-loss
YouTuber since: 2013


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