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5 Eco-Friendly Activewear Brands

The activewear market is saturated right now. Sadly, the eco-friendly activewear market is not. Much of what is popular in the activewear market is cheaply made fabrics that fall apart too quickly and can...
Stressed woman at work

Are You Chronically Stressed?

Have you ever wondered if you’re chronically stressed? In other words, does everyday feels like a never ending onslaught of anxiety? There’s an interesting idea about stress. It’s that our bodies simply cannot handle...

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts

Yay¬†Holiday Gifties! Do I start my Christmas shopping in the summer because I’m nuts or because I really, really just want to get it over with? Yes. Unfortunately, I usually don’t finish my Christmas...

Top 5 Favorite Yoga YouTube Channels

Healthy living doesn’t just mean eating right (sorry), it means you need to exercise too! Yoga is a fantastic way to get that exercise in while improving your flexibility and helping your circulation.