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Why We Need Water: It Keeps You Sexy

Water Really Does Everything The only thing water doesn’t do it make for an interesting blog topic… cause it’s water. Water doesn’t come out of the tap in fantastical rainbow colours, there’s no delightful...

Top 5 Favorite Nutrition YouTubers

If you’re looking for expert advice on nutrition, these YouTubers have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Top 10 Favorite Vegan YouTubers

Have you ever wanted to go vegan? Have you ever dreamed of making a delicious summery ice cream dessert with frozen bananas, cinnamon and dates? Or maybe you’re just trying to eat healthier and are...

The 3 Diet Rules of ‘Skinny’

If you’re overweight, slimming down to a size where your tummy doesn’t protrude out the top of your jeans can be an undertaking so overwhelming the thought alone can send you into a stress induced...

The Laws of Eternal Youth

It’s difficult to convince people that how they treat their bodies when they’re young will determine their health when they’re old. It shouldn’t be a tough sell, but it sadly is.

Jucin’ Recipe: Papaya & The Beet

This is a super tasty and ultra healthy recipe for a yummy juice that’s pretty quick to make.

Food Combining for Perfect Digestion

Digestion Is A Big Deal If you’re looking to be one of those super healthy, slim, energetic people (yay!) who never get sick, then proper food combining is crucial. The crazy part is you’ve probably...

The Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever

A.K.A A much healthier and tastier alternative to most chocolate chip cookie recipes. This one has no refined sugars, butter or milk, and tastes like Christmas morning. *I would recommend this recipe to anyone with...