The Many Reasons Why Garlic Is Great

If ‘Superfoods’ Exist, Garlic Might Be Their King. It is considered one of the most powerful natural remedies ever. While I doubt it repels vampires, it certainly repels all sorts of nasty bacteria. It also has such a wide array of health benefits that it would give anyone’s health a significant boost if eaten often enough. Here are some of the reasons why garlic is great.

Helping Circulation

Garlic reduces blood cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of heart attack. It also protects against heart disease by preventing clots that can cause heart attacks and strokes. It also helps to reduce high blood pressure.

Garlic is very healthy

Garlic juice has shown to be as strong as some antifungal drugs -Prescription For Dietary Wellness

Helping Detoxification

Garlic has sulfur and hydrogen compounds that are effective heavy metal chelators in helping to remove metals from the body. These compounds also protect against oxidation and free-radical damage which can lead to disease and premature aging.

Garlic also stimulates the immune system by increasing the effectiveness of immune-system cells; this helps to fight microbes and cancer.

Researchers at California’s Loma Linda University found that garlic activates enzymes in the liver to destroy aflatoxin, a strong carcinogen produced by a mold found in nuts, mainly peanuts and peanut butter. Their research also indicated that garlic may suppress the effects of cancer-causing agents in cigarette smoke, charbroiled meats, and air pollution. (Prescription For Dietary Wellness)

Helps To Fight Infections

Garlic, when fresh, is very effective at fighting bacteria, yeasts, and fungi (like candida). Its juice has even shown to be as strong as some antifungal drugs. It is recommended to use it for mild (non-threatening) infections related to the mouth, ears, throat, stomach, or skin.

Treat Lead Poisoning

A study was conducted on the effects of garlic on lead poisoning in chickens and the results were very positive. It indicated that garlic contains chelating compounds that are able to assist the elimination of lead from the body. This is helpful for those who eat meat (like chicken) that has been grown in a lead polluted environment. Human studies were also done, which confirmed that garlic was as effective (and in some cases more effective) as a chelation drug, and significantly safer. This safely concluded that it can be recommended to treat mild-to-moderate lead poisoning.

Garlic is great for your health

Garlic can be recommended to treat mild-to-moderate lead poisoning.

What Else Can It Do?

According To Prescription For Dietary Wellness, garlic has a ton of health-promoting benefits that make it vital to our health. Here are some of those benefits:

Acidophilus growth stimulant Antibacterial agent Antifungal agent
Antioxidant and antiaging agent Antiradiation treatment Antistress agent
Antitumor agent Antiviral agent Heavy-metal chelation agent
Immune-system enhancer Liver-protective agent

Prescription For Dietary Wellness also states that certain health problems may be helped by garlic. These health problems include:

Allergies Arthritis Asthma
Atherosclerosis Bronchitis Cancer
Canker sores Cardiovascular disease Carpal tunnel syndrome
Circulation Colds/flu/persistent fever Diabetes
Excessive sweating Excessive unexplained weight loss Fatigue
Fungal diseases (Like candidiasis) Gastrointestinal disorders Hemorrhoids
High cholesterol High toxin levels Hypertension
Hypoglycemia Impotence Pneumonia
Sore throat Swallowing difficulty Swollen lymph nodes
Varicose veins    

Garlic is very healthy

To Conclude

It should be obvious to you now why garlic is great. It has some serious benefits to your health so aim to include it in many of your meals or take it in supplemental form. Remember to check the warning on the label of the supplement. Since garlic is so potent it can affect people on anticoagulants, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and people with low blood pressure. Basically, if you have any type of health condition, do your research as to its safety in high/supplemental doses.


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