6 Sustainable Fashion Brands Made In Canada

I’ve been on the hunt for fashion brands that are not only made from sustainable materials, but are also made entirely in my home country. So far it’s been difficult. Many of the brands I’ve found are made in Canada but do not use sustainable fabrics. Others only sometimes use eco-friendly materials, or only partially manufacture in Canada. However, the companies listed below carry 100% sustainable fashion made in Canada.


Zen Nomad designs and manufactures each of their pieces in Toronto. They are committed to using sustainably sourced, high quality fabrics with low impact dyes. Their line is very yoga-inspired, simple, and beautifully designed.


Lilikoi uses sustainable fibers like bamboo, organic cotton, and linen as often as they can. They are also very selective in their choice of fabric suppliers in order to ensure sustainable, quality materials are used and fair working conditions are met for those suppliers. All their cutting, printing, sewing, and design is done in Canada.


Miik is committed to being a 100% Canadian company; milling, dyeing, designing, and tailoring all their pieces in Toronto. Their entire collection is from sustainably-sourced fabrics like rayon from bamboo, modal, linen, and sorona. Above all, they are committed to not using illegally logged fibers, fibers from habitats of endangered species or ancient and endangered forests, or other controversial sources in their fabrics.


Preloved is a unique clothing company that reclaims vintage fabrics and expertly combines them with new accents to create one-of-a-kind clothing; all manufactured and designed in Canada. Over the last 20 years they have breathed new life into over a million sweaters that would otherwise be destined for the landfill.


Encircled specializes in stylish, sustainable, multi-functional travel clothing that is made ethically in Toronto. They incorporate sustainable practices into everything they do from the sourcing of eco-fabrics to up-cycling production cuttings, using recyclable shipping materials and printing on only 100% post-consumer recycled paper. In addition, all of their fabrics are premium, sustainable blends of Modal, Tencel and Bamboo.


Wallis Evera creates stylish, ethical, eco-friendly clothes that are are designed, cut and sewn in Vancouver, Canada. They use hemp as the foundation fiber for all their products which is one of the most eco-friendly fibers in existence and is naturally biodegradable and highly renewable.

To Conclude

Are there any brands I missed? If you know of any other brands that carry sustainable fashion made in Canada that I’ve missed, let me know in the comments below.


Sarah Soper

Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for healthy food, sustainability, fitness, and non-toxic living.

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Hi there Sarah,
I too have been doing similar internet searches for several years now, and I agree that its not easy to find eco-clothing that is also made in Canada! Three brands that I do know of, not included in your post above:
* salts and west: https://saltsandwest.com/
* efforts eco-essentials: https://www.efforts.ca/
* movement: https://www.movementglobal.com/

Of the three listed below, all have an ‘eco, active-wear vibe’, and I have made purchases from two of these companies, so I can share my personal reviews below.

From eforts eco-essenials I have a pair of hemp blue yoga pants, that have become my everyday wear-at-home comfy pants. Though I found their sizing to be on the small side (the medium pair I bought fit more like a size small, esp with the high-waisted design), the fabric is really comfy and they have worn well for almost a year of constant use now.

From movement I bought a wrap long-sleeve top, in a rich burnt-orange colour in a silky soft eco-fabric that I loved. Sadly, I found the tie-at-the-back design caused the bottom of the garment to constantly ride up, resulting in bared flesh around my middle (not great in our cold winters). While global movement’s vision of multi-functional garments is what makes this company unique, I find that functionality and comfort gets compromised, as each garment is asked to be and do so much!

So that’s my contribution to the important conversation you have started here. Thanks for shining a light on the great companies working hard to give us choices that are more supportive of people and the planet!!

Erika Faith

Awesome! I know Salts and West, but the other two are new to me, thanks!

Hi there! Thanks for this great article! Take a look at Gaia & Dubos at http://www.gaiaetdubos.com
Our garments are entirely ecological and handcrafted in Canada!

Studio SHIM has a collection of ethically made hoodies. Made in Toronto, Hand painted in London.
One of a kind treasures. https://www.studioshim.ca/collections/airbrushed-collection

Canadian designer Pink Tartan has recently moved all production to Canada as well! Definitely check it out https://pinktartan.ca/

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