10 More Awesome Eco-Friendly Online Fashion Stores

Look, some more eco-friendly fashion sites! I can’t believe how many there are; this is seriously awesome.

Check out the first 10 here.

Raven and Lily

Fair trade apparel that is eco-friendly in the way they source materials and in their design processes.

PRODUCTS: Women’s clothing, jewelry, bags, and home accessories
MADE IN: USA, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Kenya, Guatemala, India, Malaysia
BASED IN: Austin, Texas, USA
PRICES: Tops & Tees $36-$358, Handbags $35-$242, Bottoms $66-$264

MORE INFO: I love how that when you click on any item it gives you the story behind the item; about what country it was made in and exactly what it’s made out of. An added bonus is that they tell you what size the model is wearing and how tall she is. I’m tall, so this is extremely helpful!

MY FAVORITE PIECE: Chanda Wrap Maxi Jumpsuit

Synergy-organic-clothing-logoSynergy Clothing

Sustainable, organic, fair trade clothing and yoga apparel for women 

PRODUCTS: Women’s dresses, tops, bottoms, yoga wear, outerwear, and accessories
MADE IN: Nepal
BASED IN: California, USA
PRICES: Dresses $66-$150, Yoga wear $37-$108, Bottoms $53-$108

MORE INFO: These clothes are really cute and I want them all. Plus, all of their clothes are made with certified organic cotton and other eco-friendly fibers.

MY FAVORITE PIECE: Kathmandu Jumper in Mushroom or Kathmandu Tunic in Light Taupe 

salts-logoSalts Organic

Fine yoga & casual organic clothing made with eco-friendly fabrics

PRODUCTS: Women’s hoodies, leggings, tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, and infinity scarves
MADE IN: Canada, India
BASED IN: Duncan, BC, Canada
PRICES: Scarves $39, Dresses $68-$118, Skirts $59-$88, Hoodies $87-$110

MORE INFO: The cuts are really flattering, and they use eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo.

MY FAVORITE PIECE: Asana Tank Top or the Wrap Bamboo Fleece Hoodie

not-just-pretty-logoNot Just Pretty

Vibrant and cutting edge fashion with a focus on environmental and social responsibility

PRODUCTS: Women’s clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry, and beauty products
MADE IN: Canada
BASED IN: Victoria, BC, Canada
PRICES: Skirts $50-$140, Dresses $110-$254, Bags $30-$310

MORE INFO: They have a decent selection of really nice looking things that are all made using organic, sustainable materials. The prices aren’t too bad, and I love that it’s entirely Canadian based.

MY FAVORITE PIECE: Prairie Underground Prairie Hoodie Coat 

still-eagle-logoStill Eagle

Ethical apparel for women, men, and children, plus yoga wear, organic bedding, eco kitchen ware, and more.

PRODUCTS: Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, accessories, beauty products, bags, items for the home
MADE IN: Canada
BASED IN: British Columbia, Canada
PRICES: Hoodies & Jackets $42-375, Yoga Wear $22-$158, Dresses $35-$225

MORE INFO: They sell a variety of clothing brands; organic, fair trade, natural, recycled, hemp, and eco-friendly. They’ve been doing business since 1991, and have a great variety of items.

MY FAVORITE PIECE: Iris Three Colour Dress


Nomads-hemp-wear-logoNomads Hemp Wear

Durable, comfortable, stylish organic and fair-trade clothes for men and women.

PRODUCTS: Women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing
MADE IN: China (At a fair trade factory)
BASED IN: British Columbia, Canada
PRICES: Dresses $52-$79, Tops $39-$119, Bottoms $30-$89

MORE INFO: I absolutely love the styles here; they’re unique and very stylish. I don’t like that they manufacture in China, but it’s great that they use fabrics like hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, and soy.

MY FAVORITE PIECE:  Absinth Skirt  or the Awaken Sweater


Eco-friendly clothing, accessories, and products for the home

PRODUCTS: Women’s clothing, accessories, beauty products, home, kitchen & garden
MADE IN: International
PRICES: Dresses $35-$288, Tops $12-$268, Skirts 58-$218

MORE INFO: They have a huge variety of products, including makeup. Most of the clothes are pretty basic looking, but nice, and the prices are what you’d expect for high quality items. I like that on each item’s product page it tells you where it was made and exactly what it’s made out of.

MY FAVORITE PIECE:  Organic Cotton XO Dress


Small-scale manufacturer of chemical-free, handcrafted, organic clothing, footwear, bed, bath, & home products

PRODUCTS: Men & women’s clothing, kidswear, accessories, lifestyle, and home products
MADE IN: USA, Canada, and Europe
BASED IN: Canada
PRICES: Dresses $40-$300, Tops $20-$109,  Shoes $48-$165

MORE INFO: The clothes are very basic, and casual. without many colour options, but there they have a good product variety, and I really love how committed they are to natural, sustainable fabrics and processes. This is what clothing should be. Check out their About Us page for more info because they seem like a very cool company!

MY FAVORITE PIECE:  San Diego Handmade Hemp Macramé Halter Top


Contemporary clothing for women made from durable, eco-friendly, luxury fabrics

PRODUCTS: Women’s jackets, dresses, tops, and bottoms
MADE IN: Canada
BASED IN: Toronto, Canada
PRICES: Dresses $85-$189, Tops $60-$145, Bottoms $65-$145

MORE INFO: They mill, dye, design and sew locally to minimize their carbon footprint and support local businesses; and as a Canadian, that is really fantastic.

MY FAVORITE PIECE:  Virginia reversible pencil skirt

prancing-leopard-organics-logoPrancing Leopard Organics

Organic yoga wear made from the finest organic cotton from Turkey

PRODUCTS: Men’s and women’s yoga wear
MADE IN: Turkey
PRICES: Yoga Tank Tops $59-$95, Yoga Leggings $74-$79, Yoga Jumpsuits $85-$169

MORE INFO: While it’s all technically yoga wear, a lot of these items can be worn for everyday purposes. The clothes are stylish, unique, and all made from organic cotton.

MY FAVORITE PIECE:  Bunaken Reversible Yoga Tank


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Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for healthy food, sustainability, fitness, and non-toxic living.

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