My Attempt At An Entire Day of Eating Only Raw Foods

I just wanted a day of eating only raw food. Is that so much to ask? The other day I really wanted to do a juice fast. When I realized how busy my day was going to be it just wasn’t an option. I was going to need more energy. I decided to eat only raw foods for just for one day since I didn’t want to go longer than. Also, my fridge was looking pretty bare.

My Day

I started the day with two cups of water, then shortly after had warm water with lemon juice, local honey, and grated ginger. It was pretty delicious. In the morning my diet was simple: lots of fruit, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and raw pumpkin seeds. I was still a bit hungry and running out of raw foods at home so I went out to get groceries and stop by the raw cafe.

At the store I loaded up on anything labeled ‘raw’ along with some more fruit, veggies, and raw seeds. I managed to find a raw dark chocolate bar, a cacao goji berry brownie bar, and some freshly bottled juices. At the raw cafe I picked up a small smoothie and a raw falafel wrap with onions, hummus, olives, beet, and sprouts. My toddler drank most of the smoothie (it was the MOST delicious smoothie) and since the wrap looked messy, I opted to wait until we got back home to eat it. After a quick shop at Canadian Tire, we headed back home.

I was excited to try the wrap because it looked super fancy and healthy, but with the first bite I realized I was not going to enjoy it. I eat a lot of vegetables, and in a large variety, but only ever in smoothie or fresh juice as I am NOT someone who enjoys the taste of most vegetables (aside from carrots and broccoli which are delicious); thus I was not enjoying this wrap.

I ate most of the wrap, surprisingly, but I just wasn’t able to finish it. Then I started to get really dizzy and my stomach was growling at me out of hunger so I grabbed the other raw foods I had bought earlier. I ate one goji berry bar (also not tasty, but manageable), and two squares of raw chocolate (again… not super tasty). While my hunger began to fade the dizziness got worse and I started having pains in my stomach. I assumed it was some bad detoxification symptoms from my super healthy, all raw food day. I was starting to get worried so I heated up some leftover rice, breaking my raw diet day. Then I had some of the raw bottled juice I got earlier, which thankfully, was delicious.

Five minutes later I was laying on the sofa in the fetal position ready to vomit, realizing that this was much more than detox symptoms and that I likely had food poisoning. Ugh.

I drank some water and tried to get some rest while my toddler slept. I didn’t vomit, thankfully; and finally started to feel better a few hours later. Then I fell asleep vowing to never go raw again… maybe. Anyway, here’s what I learned on my unsuccessful raw day:


Prepare well for a raw food diet. Starving yourself because you run out of food will not go well for you.


Be wary of raw foods that carry common food poisoning concerns, like sprouts.

Store Food Properly

Don’t let raw foods sit in a hot car while you shop (This one should have been obvious… oh well).

Start Small

If you want to start a raw diet, do your research and start with one day at a time. It’s an adjustment.

To Conclude

I haven’t sworn off raw foods days, but it’s unlikely I’ll ever switch to a completely raw food diet even though fullyrawkristina makes it look fabulous. I just love my toasted spelt bread with almond butter and my dark chocolate bars too much. Next time I’ll stick to strictly smoothies and juices during the day, and maybe make my own raw chocolate for a healthy evening snack.

Have you attempted a day of only raw food? Did it go better than my day? Let me know in the comments below.


Sarah Soper

Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for healthy food, sustainability, fitness, and non-toxic living.

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