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How To Count Calories

Counting calories can be a lot of work. Keeping track of everything you eat in the correct amounts get tricky when you eat out or make something at home with a lot of different...

The 7 Deadly Sins & Lies of Dieting

“She must be a size 4. Why can’t I be a size 4? She just has better genes than me. So unfair. Why does she get to look like that?” Everyone has to start...

Is Homeopathic ‘Medicine’, Medicine?

Now that I’m in school to become a nutritionist, being informed about alternative medicines like homeopathy seems like a good idea. If I ever need to explain the differences between the two in order to separate nutrition from homeopathy,...

My Super Effective Cold Remedy

Some people have cold remedies they swear by – chicken soup, bone broth, maybe some weird exotic fruit, or just enough cough syrup to keep them asleep all weekend long. As you may have...

5 Awesome Health Hacks

Have you ever said “I want to be healthier”? It’s a pretty generic statement, but if you want some help in achieving it, these 5 health hacks are a good place to start.

Top 5 Favorite Yoga YouTube Channels

Healthy living doesn’t just mean eating right (sorry), it means you need to exercise too! Yoga is a fantastic way to get that exercise in while improving your flexibility and helping your circulation.

The Body-Shaming Trend

Have you noticed it? In the past year or two it seems like the internet has grown more judgmental about other people’s bodies than ever before.

The Four Horsemen of the Health Apocalypse

This study says that, statistically, you’re unhealthy… unless you’re one of the 2.7% of people that isn’t.

The 3 Diet Rules of ‘Skinny’

If you’re overweight, slimming down to a size where your tummy doesn’t protrude out the top of your jeans can be an undertaking so overwhelming the thought alone can send you into a stress induced...

The Laws of Eternal Youth

It’s difficult to convince people that how they treat their bodies when they’re young will determine their health when they’re old. It shouldn’t be a tough sell, but it sadly is.