10 Awesome Eco-Friendly Online Fashion Stores

Yay For Eco-Friendly Clothes!

Here’s a list of ten eco-friendly fashion retailers dedicated to ethical practices in their production process, clothing materials, and working conditions.


Eco-friendly, vegan, handcrafted, sustainable products that use natural and organic fabrics with non-toxic dyes and biodegradable materials.

PRODUCTS: Women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and beauty products
BASED IN: New York City
PRICES: Dresses $110-$425, Tops $40-$500, Bags $70-$225

IMPRESSION: Large selection, the prices are what you’d expect for quality products, and I like that they list the stats about each item (If it’s sustainable, fair trade, vegan, etc) on the main pages for each category.

Nomad by Elroy

Women’s organic clothing made from sustainable, organic or eco-friendly materials

PRODUCTS: Blankets, pillows, clothing, accessories
MADE IN: Canada
BASED IN: Vancouver, Canada
PRICES: Purses $120, Pillows $30-35, Blankets $75-$80, sale prices are fantastic

IMPRESSION: Not much selection, and the clothing page is still ‘coming soon’, but the clothes listed in the sale section are pretty nice looking at a great price. I love that everything is made in Canada.


Men & women’s clothing and accessories made from recycled polyester and organic cotton

PRODUCTS: Women’s tops, pants, dresses; men’s tops and shorts
MADE IN: International, WRAP certified
BASED IN: Regina, SK, Canada
PRICES: $35ish for a t-shirt, $80ish for a hoodie, $30ish for hats

IMPRESSION: The coolest thing about Tentree is that for every item you purchase, they plant 10 trees. They plant trees in countries all over the world. The collection is a good size, and the prices are pretty reasonable.


The Fairies Pyjamas

A festival inspired clothing line for men & women, made from mostly organic fabrics 

PRODUCTS: Tops, skirts, shorts, dresses, beach wear
MADE IN: Nepal, at a fair trade facility
BASED IN: Ontario, Canada
PRICES: Skirts $30-$85, Women’s tops $15-$105, Dresses $50-$135, Men’s tops $25-$90

IMPRESSION: Very unique clothes that are high quality, great for festivals, and not too expensive. I really love the leaf skirts.


Zen Nomad

Modern, sustainable clothing for men & women

PRODUCTS: Women’s sports bras, dresses, bottoms, outerwear, accessories, and men’s t-shirts,
MADE IN: Canada
BASED IN: Toronto, Canada
PRICES: Women’s tops $60-$92; Dresses $98-$224

IMPRESSION: I really like that everything is made in Canada and the prices aren’t crazy. The selection isn’t that big, but I like that they use a lot of organic bamboo and fabric milled in Canada.


Radway Studio & Boutique

A variety of eco-friendly and fair trade products for all ages

PRODUCTS: Clothing (mostly women’s), accessories, jewelry, baby toys & clothes 
MADE IN: Canada, India, various locations
BASED IN: Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada
PRICES: Leggings $55-$70, Shorts $49-$59, Dresses $38-$99, Tops & Jackets $20-$139

IMPRESSION: Having been to their retail store before, I know their clothes are super cute and well made. They have a variety of eco-friendly brands available; some organic, some bamboo; all very high-quality.



Sweatshop free, ethically produced clothing made without toxic dyes, toxic pesticides 

PRODUCTS: Women’s underwear, socks, underwear, tights, lounge pants, dresses, tops, baby clothes; men’s underwear, socks, and tops
MADE IN: India, sweatshop-free and child-labor-free 
PRICES: Well priced: Women’s T-shirts $16, Hoodies $40, Lounge Pants $35

IMPRESSION: I really like how much this company cares about their customers, workers, and the environment. The styles are limited, but available in a good amount of prints and colours. All the cotton they use is organic.


Wallis Evera

Elegant women’s clothing that uses hemp and other eco-friendly fabrics

PRODUCTS: Women’s dresses, tops, jackets, skirts
MADE IN: Canada
BASED IN: Vancouver, Canada
PRICES: Jackets $279, Dresses $199-$250, Tops $149, Skirts $179

IMPRESSION: Their selection is minimal, and the prices are a bit high, but the fabrics they use are really awesome like hemp and organic cotton. These are well made clothes, so you pay for the durability. Also, free shipping worldwide!


Good Cloth

Ethically sourced, sustainable products from around the world 

PRODUCTS: Men’s and women’s clothing, jewlery, accessories, baby, and shoes
MADE IN: Worldwide
BASED IN: New Orleans, USA
PRICES: Dresses $61-$178, Pants $33-$135, Bags $27-$498

IMPRESSION: The prices are varied since the products are so different. You can filter the items by their ethical value (organic, vegan, made in USA, recycled, sustainable, handcrafted, fair trade


Versatile, stylish clothing and accessories using sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp, recycled polyester, and re-purposed down.

PRODUCTS: Men & women’s tops, bottoms, activewear, and accessories
MADE IN: 20% made in USA, 80% international
BASED IN: California, USA
PRICES: Dresses $80-$99, Yoga Pants $65-$89, Men’s T-Shirts $29-$55

IMPRESSION: Nice big selection for men and women with good options for colour. The clothes are super cute, and the prices are good.

There are 10 more eco-friendly online fashion stores, check them out here


Do know any eco-friendly clothing sites that should be added to this list? Do you own anything from any of the retailers here? Let me know in the comments!


Sarah Soper

Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a passion for healthy food, sustainability, fitness, and non-toxic living.

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I would love to have our brand added to this list.

I work for the sustainable clothing brand, Encircled! We’re on a mission to help women build better, kinder closets full of sweatshop free and earth friendly designs that don’t compromise their style or comfort.

We’re a small brand based in Toronto who produces everything locally here using fairly paid labour. We’re even starting to knit some of our own fabric in Toronto, and use a range of sustainable options such as Bamboo, Tencel, Modal and Recycled fleece.Our dream is to create our own small scale production so we can truly monitor quality and treatment of workers from end to end. Sustainability is incorporated into our business in numerous ways from our office culture to our 100% recyclable packaging.

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